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Animal Farm PDF Free Download

Exploring “Animal Farm” by George Orwell: A Timeless Allegory of Power and Corruption

The Beginnings: The Plot and Setting of “Animal Farm”

“Animal Farm” is set on a farm initially owned by Mr. Jones, who is a neglectful and oppressive master. The farm animals, tired of their miserable existence, stage a rebellion led by the pigs, notably Snowball and Napoleon. They overthrow Mr. Jones, and the animals take control of the farm, renaming it “Animal Farm.” This transformation promises a utopian society where all animals are equal.

The Seven Commandments: A Vision of Equality

The pigs establish a set of principles known as the Seven Commandments, which form the foundation of their new society. These commandments highlight the values of equality, unity, and cooperation among the animals. However, as time passes, the pigs begin to manipulate and reinterpret these commandments to suit their own desires, exposing the dangers of unchecked power.

The Rise of the Pigs: The Corruption of Idealism

Over time, the pigs, led by the cunning Napoleon, amass power and privilege, betraying the initial ideals of equality that the animals fought for. The farm undergoes a transformation, mirroring the oppressive regime they had rebelled against. Napoleon’s thirst for power reveals the corrupting nature of authority, as he becomes more tyrannical than Mr. Jones ever was.

Boxer and Squealer: The Tragic Heroes

Two essential characters in “Animal Farm” are Boxer, the loyal and dedicated horse, and Squealer, the persuasive propagandist pig. Boxer represents the hardworking proletariat, while Squealer embodies the manipulation of truth by those in power. Boxer’s tragic fate highlights the heartbreaking exploitation of the working class, while Squealer’s skillful use of language underscores the power of propaganda.

The Outside World: The Human-Animal Paradox

As the pigs increasingly resemble their human oppressors, the neighboring human farmers watch with growing interest. The animals, once united against human tyranny, find themselves in a paradoxical situation. They’ve traded one form of tyranny for another, showcasing how power can corrupt even the most noble intentions.

The Message: A Timeless Allegory

“Animal Farm” is a timeless allegory that serves as a cautionary tale for all ages. Orwell’s brilliant storytelling weaves together political commentary, human psychology, and the dangers of unchecked authority.



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